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Rules of procedure.
  • The management reserves the right of entry.

  • Proper attire is required, classic or casual for men, sexy or lingerie for women.

  • The membership card is annual and compulsory. It is established on presentation of an identity document. It remains a privilege and is in no way an assured right of entry.

  • When you pay for your membership card, you accept and confirm that you have read and understood our internal rules.

  • Respect is fundamental, and this at all levels (towards other members, places etc..) any inappropriate gesture towards another member of the club who has not given his agreement, will not be tolerated. (If this happens, the club cannot be held responsible).

  • Cell phones and cameras are not allowed inside.

  • Any illegal substance of any kind is prohibited

  • Drinks are at discretion, the management reserves the right to no longer serve alcoholic drinks to someone if necessary

  • It is forbidden to smoke, to take drinks in the alcoves and in the wellness. A smoking area is available in the club.

  • The club declines all responsibility in the event of loss or theft.

  • Anyone entering as a couple is required to leave as a couple.

  • No obligation to undress in the Lounge Bar area, but lingerie or sexy outfit in the alcoves.

  • However, sexy or lingerie outfits for women and classic or casual outfits for men are recommended.

  • Any form of disrespect, misconduct and alcohol abuse will not be tolerated.

  • The management reserves the right to exclude any member in the event of non-compliance with one of these rules.

  •   Updated May 2, 2022

What does our  general conditions of use and sale

Summary of important points.



  1. Scope

  2. Platform

  3. Links to other websites

  4. Intellectual property

  5. Protection of personal data

  6. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

  7. General provisions


  1. Scope

  2. Online Store

  3. Price

  4. Online order

  5. Confirmation and payment of the order

  6. Proof

  7. Warranties

  8. Right to retract

  9. Data protection

  10. force majeure

  11. Independence of clauses

  12. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

GDPR - The  general data protection regulation ​
  • Coming soon...

GDPR - The  general data protection regulation ​
  • Coming soon...

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